• Ena Pandita

    Considering I have s sweet tooth is it difficult for me to avoid sweets. So I would eat a cake of chocolate which is nothing but waste of money and then would go and train like a dog. Thanks to Ankeeta, I get to eat what I love and that too guilt free. She surely has magical hands because she bakes the most delectable stuff ever. Protien bars, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and nut butters are my favorite.
    My go to place for all the sweet cravings. I am glad I met this lady, who made me understand the importance of micro and macro nutrients in diet and how important it is to eat healthy. Highly recommended place. Lots of love Ankeeta, keeping baking and feasting.

  • Tulsi Chellaram

    I have loved Eat-A-Whey their products are all natural and they deliver what they say and that's all natural . Ankita is a very bright girl and has the pulse of health and she will be a great example for the youth of this country.
    To respect the human body is greatest drama. keep going!

  • Sriya Reddy, Tollywood Actress

    Eat a whey .... to begin with love the sound of it ! I remember months back stumbling upon eat a whey on instagram and being a fitness fanatic I'm always looking for dessert treats that are healthy . I'm so excited ordering from eat a whey all the time and wait extremely patiently for my courier to arrive . There is so much of a variety that I never get bored of eating a particular thing, my all time favourite is hazelnut protein bar which I've carried all the way to ice land and this is far superior to any other protein bar available in the international market . The brownies the cheese cake the ice creams are all of a different level . The real success of eat a whey I feel is how ankeeta always ready to change things up to suit your demanding taste palette . I wish her and her company all the every best . Eat a whey is one of the finest we have in india ....

  • Ayan Mukherjee, Bollywood Director

    As someone who is developing a rapid interest in a more healthy and still delicious way to eat and live, discovering Eat A Whey is an extremely positive thing to have happened in my life.
    I really believe that the work Ankita is doing is an integral part of improving our collective future.
    She's one of the first of her kind that I got acquainted with in Mumbai, and I get the sense that a lot of people are now beginning to follow in her lead.
    Here's wishing her and her company all the best for the future !
    Cheers to better eating and living !

  • Reeti Sachdeva

    Eat-a-whey products are unreal- they taste so good and are still bang on, when it comes to sticking to your health goals. Whether you are on a keto diet or a high protein diet or follow any other lifestyle patterns- eat-a-whey caters to exactly what you need and customises things to fit your plan. More than that- there are no "hidden ingredients" and no "fake calorie counts", which is a refreshing change when it comes to the new range of "healthy" products available in India now. My favourites- the protein bars and the chocolate strawberry cake.